Introduction: Ephesians 4:5 says that there is one baptism.  Hebrews 6:2 speaks of "the doctrine of baptisms."  There are other baptisms, but only one that's essential.  The same is true of other things in Ephesians 4 -- God, faith, Lord, etc.  The question is, which is the essential one, the true one, the right one?  Which baptism is necessary for salvation?

The one baptism involves&ldots; 

I. The Right Authority -- Christ

  A. Christ commanded baptism (Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:16)

  B. Baptism is in the name of Jesus -- 

  C.  To do something "In the name of" involves doing by His authority -- something He has empowered, permitted authorized or asked us to do (See Acts 4:7-10).

II. The Right Purpose -- For the Remission of Sins

  A. The religious world has various purposes for baptism

  B. God's purpose is to save.

III. The Right Person -- A Penitent Believer

  A. Baptism is not just for anyone (babies, infants)

  B. Baptism is for the believer.

IV. The Right Element -- Water

  A. Various elements mentioned in Scripture

  B. The One baptism for remission is in water

V. The Right Action -- Immersion

  A. Baptism is a burial (Colossians 2:12-13; Romans 6:3-4)

  B. It involves going down into the water, Acts 8:38

  C. And coming up out of the water, like Jesus did in Matthew 3:16ff.

VI. The Right Direction -- Into one Body

  A. Denominational baptism puts one into a denomination.  Baptism that puts one into a denominational body doesn't put one into the Lord's church because they are two separate bodies.

  B. Bible baptism puts one into the one body (cf. Ephesians 4:4)

Conclusion:  The one right baptism is urgent -- Acts 19:1-5.  When the men in Acts 19 saw that the baptism they had received was not the ONE BAPTISM, they were baptized into Christ.