"...the word of 
the Lord has 
sounded forth..."
 --1 Thessalonians 1:8


  Audio Sermons
    From The

  New Georgia Church of Christ

  You can begin the download of any sermon by clicking on the title.  When a dialogue box appears, click "Open" or "Save".  The MP3 audio file will download to your computer (this will take about a minute if you have a high speed internet connection, but much longer if you are on dial-up).  Once you've finished the download, the sermon will play through your sound player.  Make sure you have your computer speakers turned on. 

This page is updated periodically with more recent sermons, so please check back often.

  The following are some older sermons that have been preached in years past at the New Georgia Church of Christ.  To hear any of these sermons, simply click on the sermon title.  Each sermon plays from its own web page, which will usually contain an outline of the sermon text.  If you minimize the page, you will continue to be able to hear the audio while surfing the web.  The audio files are in MP3 format, so you should be able to hear the sermon if your computer has a sound card, speakers, and a media player.   It can take up to 30 seconds to begin hearing the sound after you've clicked on a sermon link -- depending on the speeds of your connection and processor.